Rollers spin when a coyote or pet reaches up to the top of the fence and places their paws on them to pull over.

Without any traction, they fall backwards!

Too many pets go missing each year because of coyotes or from jumping out of their yard. Sadly, it often doesn't end well. Their death, injury or impoundment will cost you and your family much anguish and expense. 🙁

Safe & humane
Requires no power source
No maintenance
Rust free aluminum
Constructed to last a lifetime!

Our customers have also used rollers for:

Protecting chickens and livestock
Keeping birds from landing (poolside etc)
Vets/Boarding are protecting pets in their care
Wildlife centers/zoos to keep Fox, Wolves, Lions in*
Keep IGUANAS out! (seriously, in the Grand Cayman!)

* Wildlife centers have much taller fences then
private homeowners