Rollers at a Sanctuary

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

The other day I had the opportunity to visit the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center.

Darlene, the founder of the sanctuary had called with an interest in the Coyote Rollers for a new enclosure they are building and were looking for something different from what they usually use (cantilevers). After a discussion, they decided to give them a try and made a purchase. I went up to meet with them a few days later to bring some samples. Darlene was so wonderful and gave me a private tour of her beautiful sanctuary! 

It will be fun to see if they are able to catch video of their Fox testing out the Rollers. We even talked about getting video of Coyotes attempting a fence with them on. Fingers crossed we're able to work something out! 

If you are ever near Colorado Springs, I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful place! The people really care about their animals and its great fun to see the Wolves, Coyotes, Fox and other animals they have there! 

Here are a few of my photos!


Timber Wolf


Timber Wolf




Timber Wolf




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