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How high can a coyote jump?

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The Coyote is a very curious, adaptable and intelligent animal. They are athletic and versatile and typically weigh between 22-45 pounds in the West and 35-50 pounds in the Eastern part of the US.  Research has shown that they can scale up to 14 feet and that it's at the 6 foot mark where they need use leverage to get over.  Fences or walls lower than 6 feet risk the Coyote simply jumping over it without ever touching the top. This why we recommend at least a 6ft fence to install your Coyote Rollers. 

The "jump" consists of two phases. First, the Coyote jumps to grab hold of the top of the fence with its front paws. It then adds to it vertical momentum by pulling on the top of the fence, this allows him to gain additional height. At the same time he brings his back paws up to the top of the fence, so at that one moment, all four of his paw are in contact with the top of the fence or wall. All of this takes less than 1/2 a second! Next, the coyote then uses his back legs to spring off the fence, while he extends his front paws in preparation for landing.  The Coyote Roller interferes with the first part of the jump by making it impossible for the animal to grab the top of the fence.

During summertime, Coyotes are most active at night, starting at dusk and during the early morning hours. They can also be active during the day as the weather gets cooler. Often, when a coyote is seen in an urban area, it may not be just passing through on its way to an outlying area, it may actually live there. Coyotes have keen vision and a strong sense of smell. It is important not to leave any food in your yard that may attract them, and pick up any fallen fruit from trees. They can also run up to 40 miles an hour! 

Coyotes can grab and carry an animal that weighs up to 25lbs over a 6ft fence!

They are capable of digging under a fence but they are opportunistic and generally take prey that is the fastest, easiest to secure.  I have heard from people that have had Coyotes attack not only small dogs, but also larger dogs! A loose dog (or cat), no matter their size, is at risk for being killed by Coyotes. 

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Coexistence with Coyotes

Why are Coyotes an animal that we have to cohabitate with?

Why can't local authorities do something about them?

Occasionally, I'm asked to join the local Animal Control and Division of Wildlife talks given for communities. One of the key points that I've learned is that it is very difficult for them to do much about the problem, and they need the community's help. Coyotes are here to stay, whether we like it or not, and it's up to us to learn how to coexist with them, by educating ourselves. 

Here are a few reasons why it's not possible to remove them:

Elimination programs are ineffective.

  • It is extremely difficult to ensure that the problem-causing coyote(s) will be the one(s) located and killed
  • Coyotes removed from an area will quickly be replaced by others. Coyote pairs hold territories, which leaves single coyotes ("floaters") constantly looking for new places to call home.
  • If attractants in a neighborhood are not removed (e.g., pet food, garbage, etc.) new coyotes in an area can quickly become "nuisance" coyotes.

Killing Coyotes won't reduce their populations.

  • Research suggests that when aggressively controlled, coyotes can increase their reproductive rate by breeding at an earlier age and having larger litters, with a higher survival rate among young. This allows coyote populations to quickly bounce back, even when as much as 70 percent of their numbers are removed.
  • It is nearly impossible to completely eradicate coyotes from an area. Despite bounties and large-scale efforts to kill coyotes over the last 100 years, coyotes have in fact expanded their range throughout the U.S. and Canada tremendously. One study even found that killing 75 percent of a coyote population every year for 50 years would still not exterminate the population.

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