Coyote capabilities - part 2

Coyote problem

One of my most popular blog posts has been about the capabilities of coyotes. Many of the capabilities are widely reported by wildlife professionals. But, occasionally, we are surprised by some new information!

According to a story by SAN DIEGO (KGTV)  the coyotes in Carmel Valley CA have abilities I've never heard about before.  

I have many customers who have installed Rollers on their lovely black wrought iron fences. These fences can have varying widths between the vertical bars. For those with narrow gaps between their iron bars..... listen up!

A resident in Carmel Valley has several video surveillance cameras in his backyard and  recently got shocked to see coyotes GOING THRU his fence 3-3/4" gaps between each iron bar! 


I wouldn't have ever guessed they could squeeze thru that!  So if you have this style of fence, be sure to take additional measures to prevent! Besides installing the Coyote Rollers, I would personally use a good gauge wire fence (not chicken wire, too flimsy), some of the wires may even come in black, but check with your local supply store or fence company.

Additionally, for those without this type of fence, be sure to check your fencing for any holes that they could possibly squeeze thru.  I'm not sure that a coyote coming in to kill a pet, may be able to get back thru the fence with the pet. But, the damage may have already been done, and they may just eat their snack right in your yard, for you to find later. :( 

To view the entire story. Click HERE

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