Coyote Roller Fence Brackets

Roller Mounting Information

What Bracket Do I Need?

We offer 7 different Bracket styles to accommodate a variety of fence materials. Select the bracket based on the type of fence you have.

  • Chain Link - for 1-3/8" or 1-5/8" top rail chain link fencing (see post specific to chain link brackets)
  • Wrought Iron - for all Wrought Iron/Aluminum Fence types
  • Vinyl - for all vinyl fencing
  • Mason - for all rock/concrete, block walls (professional install recommended)
  • Wood Dog Ear - for picket type wood fencing
  • Wood Flat Top - for flat wood fence tops

Can I get Brackets that are taller?

You do not want brackets that raise the roller higher than we already have it. You are trying to eliminate animal footholds, not provide a space for feet. 

How many brackets do I need?

This is based on how your fence is constructed.

Fences will either be a 'continuous run" or be made up of "panels"

  • Continuous run fencing has nothing that rises above the fence you are installing on. Rollers can be installed side by side without interruption until a corner/end is come upon.
  • If you have Continuous fencing the amount of brackets contained within a kit is typically sufficient.
  • Panel fencing will have a vertical post that rises taller than the fence you are installing on. Due to the limited clearance rollers provide (to keep paws from getting under them) any posts. See diagram below-depicting panel fencing possibilities.
  • If you have Panel fencing you will need to add on one additional bracket for each post when buying a kit.

 Types of Panels:

What are LEFT and RIGHT brackets?  
Are there Center Brackets?

The position of the riser on the bracket is what determines if it is a left or right side bracket. The Left Bracket needs to be installed on the far left side of each span of fence and the right Bracket needs to be installed on the far right, as seen on bottom image.

This allows the roller to reach as close as possible to the side without leaving any additional gaps.

We automatically ship 50% / 50% Left and Right Brackets with your order unless you specify otherwise.

  • There are no center brackets.
  • The photo (below) shows the pins 
  • that are on both sides of the
  • bracket, each pin holds a roller.
  • One bracket can hold two rollers.



Brackets are not marked, use images provided in the ONLINE install guide. They will look like those on the right.

We recommend identifying and laying out your Left and Right brackets prior to installation. Any of those left over can be used between two rollers.


Identifying Left and Right Brackets (also found in Installation Guide)

Chain Link Brackets 


Wood Dog Ear Brackets


Mason Brackets


Iron, Vinyl and Wood Flat Top Brackets

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