Coyote Rollers for 4-5ft fences

We get asked all the time if rollers will work for "my" fence or gate, especially if it is less than the recommended 6ft height.

The answer is quite simple really......

For all instances we recommend a 6ft high fence. ESPECIALLY for coyote purposes.


Coyotes, as well as some dogs and cats can simply hop over a fence/gate that is shorter than 6ft. If the animal does not use the top of the fence to pull themselves over, the roller will not be able to do its job.  (See article about coyotes and fences)

For pets that CLIMB up a fence/gate (especially wire/chain link ones and those with available footholds) they may use their back feet to push themselves over. Rollers work when the animal is using their front feet to pull over a fence.

We want your pets to be safe first and foremost.  We make these recommendations for good reason.

We are not able to tell you if your 4-5ft fence/gate will work since there are far too many variables with your pet and your fence.  If you are unsure how your animal gets over, you will need to safely confine your pet until you are able to observe or video their attempt.

If you're fence situation is not of the right height to properly keep your animal in, please contact a local fence company about increasing the height. We do not offer brackets that increase the fence height - see below. After it is of proper height - THEN add on rollers 😊

If this is not an option, you are left with 1) a covered dog run or catio OR 2) eliminating every foothold available to your pet to force them to use their front feet to pull over a fence (vs push)

Foothold = any place that a paw can be placed and traction gained.

See this installation someone did....... 

You do NOT want this space under a roller. You want as little as possible, so that paws do not get between the roller and fence.  Our brackets do not offer clearance for this reason.

(but note there is still a foothold for the animal to use that may need to be mitigated)

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