Do coyotes jump over fences to attack dogs?

Do coyotes jump over fences to attack dogs?

Do you have a 14ft high fence?

Probably not - but thats okay, you don't need one that tall.

Research has shown that coyotes can scale (run up) a fence as high as 14 feet!  When they get to the top they need to use their feet to pull them over.

According to studies, it's at the 6 foot fence height where they will need to start to use their front feet to get over, lower than this, and they may just hop over the fence without ever touching it.

We recommend a 6ft fence to install Coyote Rollers

The "jump" consists of two phases.

First, the Coyote jumps to grab hold of the top of the fence with its front paws. It then adds to it vertical momentum by pulling on the top of the fence, this allows him to gain extra height.

At the same time he brings his back paws up to the top of the fence. Now, all four of his paw are in contact with the top of the fence .

Second, the coyote then uses his back legs to spring off the fence, as he extends his front paws in preparation for landing.  

A coyote jump takes less than
1/2 a second!

The Coyote Roller interferes with the first part of the jump by making it impossible for the animal to grab the top of the fence and pull over!

Coyotes will carry a 25 pound pet over a fence!

Coyotes can grab and carry any animal that weighs up to 25lbs, over a 6ft fence.

They are also able to dig under a fence quickly. However, being opportunist, they take the approach that is the fastest, easiest, which is usually over the fence.

Coyotes will attack not only small dogs, but also larger dogs in their yard. They may not carry a heavier dog over a fence, but they can do a lot of physical damage right in your yard. :(

A loose dog (or cat), no matter their size, is at risk for getting killed by Coyotes.

They will attempt to engage a loose dog in a friendly manner, to get the dog to follow them towards awaiting pack members.

This is why small pets are at risk inside your yard, and loose dogs of any size are in danger when off your property.

How do you reduce this danger?

You don't need to worry about your pets in the backyard anymore.

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