Homeowners Associations and Coyote Rollers

I frequently receive calls from people that live in a development controlled by an HOA. The concerns by associations vary, from height and style of the fence to appearance. 

We as homeowners frequently 'buy into' a neighborhood with restrictions and it may not be till after the purchase that some of these restrictions begin to impact us. Sometimes the fencing that came with the home, is a fence that is short, and the height cannot be increased. Here in Colorado, some homes that back to open spaces have a short 3-4ft high split rail fence in the back that cannot be modified. Pets are either jumping out pretty easily or the Coyote threat is very real with such a low fence. 

When you are faced with a shorter fence that you have to live with, the best advice I can provide is to get approval to construct an 6ft high enclosure that is closer to the home and install the Rollers on that. At least your pet can go outside for potty breaks, in safety, while you’re away from the home or not able to supervise. There are creative “dog run” options out there that can be designed in a very appealing way to hopefully satisfy an HOA.

Another concern I’ve heard about, is that the folks that make up the HOA have never seen a Roller and don’t know what they look like, and envision something unappealing. Persons living in these communities need to provide a sample to the HOA to help them see the quality of the Rollers. I recommend the 4ft kit or this reason. This allows the HOA to be presented with an actual Roller, in a color they would prefer (color of the fence for instance).

I always hear back that the results were very positive, that they didn’t realize how excellent the quality of the Rollers are and will actually add value to your property. Sometimes, the only request of an HOA is to have the Roller match the fence color/stain. We off 3 stock colors (black, white and beige) but you can also get a special order color that closer matches your fence.

The 4ft kit is the least expensive way to see an actual Roller and the brackets that will work for your fence, in the color desired. I've never seen (not to say they aren't out there) and HOA request a sample, so it is up to the homeowner. Once approved, other neighbors in the area should not have to present one to the HOA. 

I'm sometimes asked if someone in your area has made a purchase of Rollers and installed. It's possible there is, but it is up to the homeowners to check with the HOA to see if they have provided approval before. Please note that our customers privacy is important to us and will not give out customer addresses for people to view their installation. There is a great Gallery of photos on the website.

If you have an HOA concern about the Rollers please don't hesitate to call and ask questions so that we can assist you with what you need to get approval.  


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