Coyote Roller Installation

Coyote Roller Installation

"How do I fit a 4ft roller on a 3.6ft gate?"   
"How do I fit 4ft rollers on a 6ft fence panel?"

There are many times when people ask how to make a 4ft long Roller fit their fence. Whether it be gates, panels or posts. Rollers are ONLY sold in 4ft lengths so deciding how you need to install them, will help you determine what you need to purchase.


By cutting rollers you can easily fit most any fencing need. The rollers are lightweight and hollow aluminum so they can be cut down to size.  (but strong - holding 250 pounds on center). 

There are several tools you can use to cut your rollers:

  • Hack Saw
  • Sawzall (metal cutting blade)
  • Chop saw (carbide blade)
  • Miter Saw (ferrous metal blade)

Please see the detailed video on how to cut your rollers

REMINDER: End Caps can ONLY be removed AFTER the rollers are cut - see the installation guide for more details on this.



You need to decide where you want brackets to be placed. 

You want them as much to the outside of a gate, panel or end of fence line as possible.

Get to know your brackets Left and Right sides to get the most coverage. 





If you have fence panels, sections or similar (of any length) - you can evenly cut and place rollers so they are all the same length across OR you can use full 4ft rollers as much as possible, and cut the last roller to the size needed. 




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