How do I love my dog - let me count the ways...

This Valentine's day, we celebrate dogs by looking at some of the favorite ways you can show them some love.

You might be surprised at the last one!

dog love massage

Provide some serious one-on-one time

Give your dog a massage! You love massages and of course, your dog does too. Gentle massage helps dogs with:


Use gentle circular motions at a time the dog is calm, don't forget the ears too. The ears are full of nerves that are sensitive to touch, it will make them feel very relaxed and loved.


love some homemade pet treats

Things that taste good

This one is easy - dogs love to eat!

There are SO many wonderful recipes out there to make your dogs some delicious homemade treats.

It can be cookies, cupcakes, or even a full cake. It's really quite easy to make some simple items that they will enjoy for days. 

Some are so good, you may want to sit down and enjoy a treat with them. 



dogs love to read the news

Let your dog read the news

Yes, that's right! One of the best ways you can enhance your pet's life is by letting them read....errrrrrrrrr actually sniff the news.

Take them for a walk and allow them to sniff as they go. They actually "read" all the news that the dogs before them offered.

They have amazing sniff-ability, and those noses tell them all sorts of things about other dogs that have visited that spot.

It really offers an enrichment opportunity that they will love.

Keeping your pet safe and happy is what a great pet owner does. Show your pet some extra love this Valentines' Day!



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