Coyote Roller fail . . .

Do Coyote Rollers work?

There is a video that came to our attention about Rollers installed on a concrete wall where the Rollers are failing to keep a dog in. 

This video shows the Coyote Rollers installed in the CENTER on the top of a concrete/block wall that could be 4-6" wide.

This is an incorrect installation.

When trying to keep a dog IN the yard with this type of wall. You MUST install the Rollers on the inside top of the wall (direction dog is coming from), not in the center of the concrete block.


Rollers must be used by the animal
to pull themselves over a fence.

When the animal doesn't have another part of the fence, landscaping or a similar to aid their jump, the Rollers prevent a foothold. 

It is important to remember several things when deciding upon getting/using Rollers:

  1. Recommended fence height is 6ft tall.  Anything shorter could be simply hopped or climbed over.
  2. You must carefully survey your yard/landscaping to ensure there are no objects that can be used as a boost.
  3. Proper installation is necessary to ensure the Rollers are spinning freely and provide complete coverage of the top of your fence.
  4. Confined animals may be bored. The motivation of your pet may require secondary measures to keep them safe.  Coyotes can dig under a fence, squeeze thru iron bars less than 3" wide, dogs and cats can climb chain link fencing like a ladder, their nails can dig into wood fences. 

We WANT your pet to be safe

If you're not sure about your fence situation, please contact us. We want your pets to remain safely IN their yard.

We can offer suggestions to help mitigate some imperfect situation.


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