Roller Connections for Non-Profits

There are many Shelters and Rescues that can use the help of Coyote Rollers to protect the pets in their care.  

Roller Connections can be a way to match the few individuals that, for a variety of different reasons, are looking to 're-home' their pre-installed, or excess Rollers. The Rollers might be plain aluminum or powder coated. Many in 4ft lengths, and some in cut lengths. Since the Rollers are never going to rust and will still spin as designed, with existing brackets or new, we'd like to try and help make Roller Connections.

Roller Connections is a program we offer to match Rollers looking for new work, with those that need them. The Rollers could be an outright donation to the non-profit, or at a greatly discounted price. We leave the details between the two parties but provide the contact information, of each party, to the other.

If you're a non-profit group or organization looking for assistance. Please send us your contact information and amount of fencing you're looking to cover. When we have a connection for you, we'll provide you with their contact information so you can see if its a good match!

Send the following to this EMAIL:

  • Name of organization
  • Location of organization
  • Contact persons name
  • Contact phone & email
  • Type of fence
  • Fence length and/or number of Rollers needed

We hope we can help to make your Roller Connection!





    Shelters helped since Roller Connections Started July 2017:

    • Longmont Humane Society, Longmont Colorado

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