Installation of Rollers for your fence

Installation is Easy!

The Roller system has been designed as a Do It Yourself installation for homeowners. Alternately, you can hire a fence company or handyman to do the installation for you. We offer the best customer support available to help with the process. Videos, install guide, tip sheets, and more are available at Coyote Rollers Direct! 

I want to point out several key installation aspects that I get the most questions about and/or I've seen done incorrectly.

Ensure Success

Coyote Rollers are easy to install on most fence types (we do recommend professional install on a concrete/brick walls), but it's important they are installed correctly.

The Rollers must spin freely in order to do the work you want them to do, eliminate an animals foothold. This means that you don't want to install them tight against the mounting brackets, you want to leave a 1/8" gap between the Roller and the Bracket (at each end of the Roller). You want the Roller to move back and forth a little bit so they don't rub on the Bracket.

Very little maintenance is needed, but for continued peace of mind, I always suggest when you're walking along your fence, that you give each Roller a little spin as you go, to make sure they are still moving with very little pressure. This is especially true if your fence slopes with the terrain and a Roller is resting on a Bracket due to gravity. We recommend that some Graphite Dry Lubricant be used on these ends during installation and periodically after the Rollers have been installed, this will keep the Rollers spinning nicely.


Mounting Brackets

This is perhaps the most common question and cause for incorrect installation. With each Bracket style. There are “Left” Brackets and “Right” Brackets (note that there are no “center” Brackets, you can use either a L or R in between Rollers.)

The “pin” protrudes on both sides of the Bracket, this allows for one Bracket, to hold 2 Rollers, or just one Roller when it's located at the start/end of an installation.

The primary reason for left and right brackets is to allow the most coverage of your fence as possible as you near the end of a run of Rollers. You want as much Roller coverage as possible.

If you look at this photo below - it shows the wrong Bracket installed at the end of this Roller.

Notice the gap between the Roller and iron post. This could have been avoided by using the right Bracket and it leaves a space of opportunity for an animal to use this spot as leverage. 

The installation guide, provides you with a photo of each Bracket style and identifies which is Left and which is a Right Bracket. 

Need to calculate how much product you need for your fence? Visit our Roller Calculator!


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