Roller position

Rollers on TOP of the fence or Rollers on the SIDE of the fence?

There are instances where people prefer to install rollers on the SIDE of the top of their fence. We typically get this question when people are concerned about the aesthetics of how their fence looks and not considering how the rollers are used.

Rollers physically can be installed on the side of a fence as shown in this photo:

However it is only advised for installation in some circumstances, most of them involving cats. 95% of the time they need to be installed on the TOP of the fence.

The rollers work when the animal must first put their paws on them as a way to pull themselves over a fence. 

In most instances - this location will be at the top of the fence as this is where the animals reach for.

In the case of small cats, and certain fence styles, it can work to install them on the side of the fence. 

Every single situation is unique and the side installation can work for your situation, but careful consideration is needed. 

Side of fence installation of a roller is never a solution for Coyote fencing. Always install on the top of a fence.

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