17 Facts about Coyotes

Can a coyote climb a tree?

1) Coyotes can squeeze through a 3”- 4” gap in a fence or wall.
2) Coyotes can leap over a 4’- 5' fence or wall without ever touching the fence or wall.
3) Coyotes can scale (run up) over a 6’ - 14’ fence or wall by first jumping from the ground to the top of the fence or wall, and then jumping to the ground on the other side.
4) Although uncommon, coyotes can utilize foliage (vine plants, bushes, and trees) to manipulate themselves to the top of an 8’ wall. 
5) Coyotes will scale neighborhood block walls in search of food in residents’ backyards.

coyote proof fence

6) Coyotes can climb to the roofs of houses.
7) Coyotes can slide under a chain link fence through a very small clearance.
8) Coyotes can dig a tunnel under a fence in a matter of minutes.


9) Coyotes prefer to travel alongside fences, walls, bushes, and buildings where it is more difficult to see them.
10) Coyotes can climb trees!
11) Coyotes can travel up to 40 miles per hour.
12) Coyotes can throw their voices so only a few coyotes can sound like a dozen.
13) Coyotes have close family units and partners are monogamous and stay together all of their lives.
14) Coyotes are very clever animals and can even outsmart some people.
15) Coyotes are very quiet animals and will even walk on their tip toes to be even more quiet.
16) Coyote litters can range in size from 2 to 12 depending upon what the environment will support.
17) Coyotes inhabit every state except Hawaii.


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