Homemade coyote roller

Homemade Coyote Rollers

You've probably found post about homemade Coyote Rollers. After talking to people for 12 years about those that have attempted to make them I can tell you that it doesn't usually end up well. For your pet.  

The basic premise of these is to string up a wire/cable along the top of your fence and insert pvc pipe thru that wire. The information I've read recommends using 4ft lengths of PVC. Which is what the "real" Coyote Roller lengths are.  The problem with this is .....

homemade roll bars don't work

Homemade PVC rollers sag under the weight of the animal.

This means that when an animal of any reasonable weight uses them for leverage  (like a dog or coyote), the PVC falls downward and the animal is STILL ABLE to use the top of the fence to leverage to get over.  

Besides, they don't look attractive

Real Coyote Rollers are made from strong Aluminum that never rust (so are the brackets) and they can support 250 pounds on center. This means they will NEVER dip or lower down when weight is applied to them. You can even get them powder coated so that they will seamlessly blend in with your fence. 

You can "try" a cheaper, less visually appealing method, but why risk your dogs life on it?  I don't know about you - but I will not risk the life of my dogs with an unattractive piece of PVC.



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