Nearly every day I get a call from a homeowner that has just lost a pet.

It breaks my heart. I have 8 dogs and 3 cats of my own and have been an animal rescuer and dog trainer for over 20 years. My pets are my family. I strongly believe that the Coyote Rollers can help to save your pets life. 

Many years ago I started Colorado Coyote Rollers and it has quickly grown outside the borders of Colorado. They can be found in dozens of states across the U.S. We're proud of the quality of the products made here in the USA, and the number of pets we've protected through the years.

In addition, many of our pet owners install Coyote Rollers to help keep their own pets in their yard. Coyotes aren't the only hazard to pets. Automobiles, other loose dogs and cats, and even people who mistake your pet for a stray and 'adopt' him or her, can pose threats to your family's pets.

That's why Colorado Coyote Rollers has been "Keeping Pets Safe; Direct to You" since 2012.  The videos posted will help you learn about the Rollers, how they work and how easily they can be added to your fence.

I'm always available to assist you with any questions and am easy to reach by phone, email or chat on the website. 213-375-1965 Give me a call, I can help.

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