Will Rollers will keep your CAT IN THE YARD?


This is a scary problem to have, you love your cat, and worried about something happening to them if they get out.


The rollers will spin when a cat uses its front paws to pull itself over a fence.

The rollers must be installed where the cat will place his front feet. That is usually, the very top of your fence. Some cat owners do prefer to install the roller on the side of the fence.  Depending on the situation, this may work the best.

Rollers do not need any maintenance and work in any weather.

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Your fence must be tall enough, that your cat isn't going to hop over it without touching the top. We recommend a 6ft fence. A regular domestic housecat has the ability to hop over a 4ft fence without ever touching the top.

The fence must have a solid top rail for the brackets to attach to. Brackets cannot be installed on a wire fence.

Rollers come in 4ft lengths and are not designed to go post-to-post.

Check near your fence to see if there are objects there your dog can use to get a lift up with. Things like a BBQ, landscaping, AC units, even other parts of the fence can give a boost, etc.

See this article about solving some of the most common trouble spots.

Ask us about any other challenges you may have, we could have a solution.

To buy Rollers you will need to know how many linear feet your fence and gates are.

See the GETTING STARTED page for the easy steps on ordering rollers.


Coyote Rollers can be a great solution for keeping cats in the yard. Cats can be very clever and athletic, so it's important to inspect your situation carefully to ensure they will work. Use our guidelines for the proper use of and installation for success.


See The Coyote Rollers