Coyote Roller Installation

The Coyote Roller system is designed to be easy enough for a homeowner install.
Just a few tools and a bit of time and you'll have them up.
If you don't have the time, just show our Installation Guide to your local contractor.

Quick Downloadable Guides
(or see videos below)

Coyote Rollers have gone thru years of research and development to ensure functionality on every fence style. We recommend installing on a 6ft fence or higher for all circumstances. This is critical when trying to keep coyotes out of the yard, or you risk the coyote (or pet) jumping over the fence without touching the top.

It is important to remember that the rollers prevent the "pull-over" with front feet. The animal needs to be jumping from the ground to the top of the fence without any assistance from the fence itself or objects next to the fence. Be sure you have removed the risk of your pet using trees, sheds, garden pots or anything else that could give them a boost.

Important Installation Basics

The "need to know" information for a successful Coyote Roller installation. Regardless of the type of fence you are installing on. Download the PDF


A review of each of the different bracket styles, shows left and right brackets, pins and options for fence placement. Download the PDF

Fence Layout and Ordering

Full length video on every detail for laying out and ordering Coyote Rollers. Most projects are not as involved as the one shown, however there are good tips in here for all customers.

Difficult installation locations

When you have an installation that is not as straight forward, check this video for those tricky installation areas and solutions. They will help BEFORE you place your order.

Cutting Coyote Rollers

This video reviews various tools to cut the rollers and the type of cuts you'll get from each. Installing extra end caps are also covered.

End Cap removal and insertion

Quick instruction on how to remove end caps from a roller and how to insert them into a roller.

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Mason/Block Wall installation
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