Coyote Roller Installation

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The installation process is very similar for all fence styles and can be performed by a handy homeowner, or you can hire a trusted handyman or fence company in your area (if they have never installed Coyote Rollers, before please have them view the videos below). Remember that we do recommend professional installation for a Mason/Cement/Rock style walls. The Rollers are easy to install - but they must be installed correctly to work properly.

You may want to download this handy Install Guide to keep with you as you prepare to install (it includes how to remove End Caps and more!) 

Learn more about Brackets - Left and Right styles are important for full coverage installation


Tools to use when cutting Coyote Rollers, End Cap removal and installation.


Installation on a Wood Dog Eared fence:


Installation on a Flat Top Wood Fence:


Installation on a Wrought Iron Fence: