We offer 7 different Bracket styles to accommodate a variety of fence material. 

Chain Link - Wood styles - Concrete/Mason - Iron - Vinyl 

General Information on Brackets:

  • We automatically ship 50/50 Left and Right Brackets with your order unless you specify otherwise. There is no center bracket.
  • All brackets have a pin on both sides of the support, that insert into each Roller. (image #1 below)
  • There is a Left and a Right bracket that help maximize the coverage at the end of your fence line. (image #2 below)
  • One bracket will hold 2 Rollers. (image #3 below)
  • The average spacing between the top of your fence and bottom of the Roller is approximately 1/2" - 3/4".
  • Brackets are made of Aluminum and will not rust.
  • Bracket hardware is made of stainless steel and comes with each Bracket ordered.
  • Brackets can be ordered with optional Powder Coating. NOTE none of the hardware for brackets are powder coated, some touch up following installation may be wanted.

DISCLAIMER: When powder coating chain link brackets, only the bracket itself is powder coated.  The fence brace is not powder coated.  It will come galvanized.  

    Contact us with any unique Brackets needs (changing out hardware etc)



      Left & Right Brackets:

      #1 #2 #3

      You will notice that there are two versions of the Brackets. There are “Left” Brackets and “Right” Brackets as seen below (note that there are no “center” Brackets, and the “pin” protrudes on both sides of the Bracket, this allows for one Bracket to hold 2 Rollers.)

      The Left Bracket needs to be installed on the far left side of each span of fence and the right Bracket needs to be installed on the far right of each span of fence, as seen below (it does not matter if you use a Left or Right Bracket in the middle of two Rollers, this is helpful only at the ends)



       Chain Link Bracket FAQ