How it works

With your support, we contribute to help even more pets!

Every year Rollers Direct makes donations to these featured non-profit pet rescues and more!

Help us, Help them.

You are able to make a donation on your shopping cart with every purchase

We welcome you to visit their websites to see more about them and their adoptable animals! ❤️
(You can view each website by clicking on the name below each logo.)

When you keep your pets safe - you're helping pets in need too!

Win - Win!

Featured Non-Profits:

Donations accepted on your cart


How do I donate?

When you've added your purchase to your shopping cart, you will see a donation box. Just select the amount you'd like to donate there. Following your purchase you will received a donation receipt in the form of email on behalf of the donation made.

What is the program?

This program was founded in 2021 to provide support for shelters, rescues, and other qualified animal-centric non-profit organizations across the United States. Donations are funded annually.

Is the donation amount tax deductible?

ROLLERS DIRECT partners with Easy Donation to provide its customers with the opportunity to support a cause when you purchase certain products. Donations based on purchases are made by ROLLERS DIRECT, and are therefore not tax-deductible donations of the customer.

Who is Frankie?

Frankie is our mascot and provides weekly pet tips & helpful information on our social media pages. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us to get all his great posts, sales announcements and more!

Are You Part of a Shelter or Rescue?

Inquire about partnering with us to access benefits that'll help you, help more pets.