This may be a new problem for you, or you've known about them in your neighborhood. 

It is a scary problem to have, you think pets are safe in your backyard, but, coyotes can get in and harm your pets.


What is a Coyote Roller?

  • Coyote Rollers are a 4ft long aluminum rod that attaches to your fence.
  • They spin when a coyote touches them with its front paws to pull itself over. This keeps them from getting a paw-hold and rolling backward.
  • Coyote Rollers need to be installed where the coyote will place his front feet. That is at the very top of your fence.  
  • Coyote Rollers do not need any maintenance and work in any weather.

For illustrative purposes only, animals will land on their hind legs coming down.


Coyote Capabilities:

  • Coyotes usually need to use the top of your fence to help them get over.
  • They don't need a running start since they are very athletic and powerful.
  • It happens quickly, in about a second, they can be up and over.
  • They have the capability of running up and over a 14ft high wall.
  • Coyotes are opportunistic, they will strike quickly if the situation is right, or move along.
  • Coyote attacks on defenseless pets, happen primarily in suburban areas.


Learn how coyotes jump fences.

Your Backyard Fence

  • Keeping coyotes out requires a fence height of 6ft or taller. If yours is shorter, consider raising it higher.
  • Coyotes are able to simply hop over a shorter fence and never touch the top of it. Fence height is important for Coyote Rollers to be effective.
  • Nearly any fence style is enough; Wood, Iron, Mason, Chain Link, Vinyl. It needs to have a solid top rail for bracket installation. (ie: not a wire fence)
  • Make repairs as needed to ensure its in good condition

Coyote Rollers need to cover the top of your entire fence and gates that surround your yard. 

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 Coyote Rollers are a humane solution for keeping coyotes out of the yard. Use our guidelines for the proper use of and installation for success.


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