Additional brackets may be needed for a kit when rollers will not be running in a straight continuous line. For example:

  • gates
  • a staggered fence line
  • obstructions on the fence line
  • plan on cutting the rollers into several pieces

The clearance varies by bracket style. The average gap is 3/4" under each roller to top of fence.

We include some additional brackets as part of some kits. Since all fences differ from each other, we cannot predict how many your fence situation will require.

More Bracket Information

coyote roller fence installCOYOTE ROLLER FENCE INSTALL

ADD ON EXTRA END CAPS to your order when cutting a single 4ft Roller into several pieces. 

  • You receive End Caps pre installed in every roller.
  • End Caps allow rollers to attach to brackets
  • When a roller is cut one or more times. The newly cut end will need an End Cap inserted.
  • If you are cutting a roller and will NOT use the part cut off. You are able to pop out the existing End Cap and reinsert into the roller you will use.

See the Installation Guide for more info on Brackets and End Caps.