Measure your fence for Coyote Rollers

This is our manual guide will help you determine what to order
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Measure Fence

Quantities Needed

Now that you have the rounded up footage of your fence sections......

Determine roller quantities needed:

  • - You will now DIVIDE each individual measurement you have, by 4 to determine how many Rollers you will need. (ie: 7ft divided by 4ft = 1.75 or 2 rollers, always round UP to ensure you have enough product)
    • - Divide by 4 because rollers are sold 4 ft lengths. (You can cut them down as needed during installation. We have a video for that)

Determine bracket quantities:

  • - For both panel and long line fence measurements, you will add one more bracket then you need rollers. (ie: 3 rollers will need 4 brackets)
    • - Each bracket can hold two rollers that are installed side-by-side. One bracket is needed between two rollers, and one bracket on each end as well.

Determine extra end cap quantities needed:

  • - All rollers come with end caps pre-installed. You will want to have EXTRA End Caps on hand for the instances when you may cut a roller in half and will use both halves. We recommend you purchase a full roller even for small sections, to be sure you have enough product.
    • - When you do cut a roller, and will NOT be using a piece you just cut off a roller, you are able to remove the end cap from its end, and replace into the new cut end of the roller half you will use. We have instruction for this in the Install Guide.

Select Brackets

You're Ready to Order!

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