Why Join?

Your website is linked from our site to help promote available pets to potential adopters around the country.

Receive donations for your rescue efforts
with no cost or commitment from you.

Receive a generous discount should your organization need coyote rollers to keep pets safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program?

Our program was founded in 2021 to provide support for shelters, rescues, and other qualified animal-centric non-profit organizations across the United States. There is absolutely no cost to join.
This program allows your organization to receive donations from a qualified purchase a customer makes, customers are able to select from both featured and non-featured organizations. We offer a link to your organization website to help promote your adoptable pets to our customers considering adoption, and we offer a special discount to our program partners who are in need of our specialized product.

Who is eligible?

All qualified animal welfare non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible. While Rollers Direct is open to partnering with almost all animal welfare organizations, we do reserve the right to refuse any organization that does not meet our requirements. We look for privately owned/managed organizations where the largest percentage of the funds go to the care and rescue of animals. We use Charity Navigator to assist us during review.

How do I participate?

Join Now.   We review applications Monday through Friday.

Who do I contact for more information?

We would love to chat more about our Partner Program! Please email support@rollersdirect.com for additional information. Together, we believe that we can truly make a difference!

How/When are donations received?

Rollers Direct makes annual distrubtions each December. You are responsible for any taxes associated with donation.

Do you offer product discounts for non-profits?

Yes! We'd be happy to help you protect pets in your care. Please email support@rollersdirect.com with your fencing need for an estimate.

Can purchases made on your site receive tax exemption status?

If your organization is a non-profit, please send your tax exemption form to support@rollersdirect.com

What should I do if my organization is part of the program but I did not authorize participation?

Please email support@rollersdirect.com for us to discuss the next steps.

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