Roller FAQ

All Rollers are 4ft long and are not custom made to order. You are able to cut them down to size, on site, during your installation, to fit any fence lengths you have.

For all purposes, whether keeping Coyotes out or dogs and cats in we recommend your fence be a minimum of 6 feet tall. The Rollers will work as designed as long as the animal must use the top of the fence as leverage to get over without using any other nearby object or the fence itself to propel themselves over.

There are some instances where people prefer to install them at a right angle to the fence. Some of our Brackets will accommodate this. If you will need different hardware than normally comes with the Bracket, please inform us and we can switch out the hardware for your fence needs. (ie: Mason wall brackets can be requested with wood screws vs anchors)

Brackets come along with Rollers & End Caps in our DIY KITS only. When ordering individual products, please be sure to order the amount of Brackets you need for your fence application.

Yes, it can. We recommend a minimum fence height of 6 feet for the Coyote Rollers to be effective. Customers need to ensure that there are not large objects on either side of the fence that a Coyote or other animal can jump up on to aid them in getting over the fence. Please ensure that both sides of your fence are free and clear of anything that would aid an animal to get over. 

Chain Link fencing is inherently problematic as it can often be used by motivated animals as a ladder to get over a fence. Bored cats and dogs are particularly good at this since they are often motivated to find something else to entertain themselves. Please be sure to consider your own particular situation before deciding if rollers will be used by the animal if installed on a chain link fence. Secondary measures may be needed in addition to rollers. Reminder that we always recommend at least a 6ft high fence regardless of style.

We don't have small Roller samples per say, but you can order our Sample Kit found on the DIY KITs page. This is one 4ft Roller, 2 brackets (your choice) and one End Cap. You can select Powder Coating as well if you'd like. If you're interested in paint color chips for the Special Order colors, please contact Cardinal Paint (our paint provider) and ask for their color chart to be mailed to you.

Research indicates that a coyote can go over a 6-foot high fence and be in your yard in just over one second! Consequently, it may appear as though the coyote jumped completely over the fence, without touching it. In fact, the "jump" consists of two phases. First, the coyote jumps to grab hold of the top of the fence with its front paws. The coyote then adds to its vertical momentum by pulling on the top of the fence. This allows him to gain additional height. At the same time, he brings his back paws up to the top of the fence, so that momentary, all four of his paws are in contact with the top of the fence. All of this takes less than half a second! Next, the coyote then uses his back legs to spring off the fence, while he extends his front paws in preparation for landing. The Coyote Roller interferes with the first part of the jump by making it virtually impossible for the animal to grab the top of the fence. Denied traction, the coyote loses its footing, and combined with the forward momentum, ends up banging into the fence and falling down.

The Coyote Roller system is designed as a homeowner-installed system.  However, if you do not feel comfortable drilling, cutting, and modifying rollers to work on your fence, we recommend a contractor.  We highly recommend that defective fences be repaired or replaced before installing the Coyote Roller system.

Research indicates that the population density of coyotes can be ten times greater than normal near urban developments, due to the "oasis" effect. This is particularly apparent throughout the southwest where "well-watered" developments exist within areas of relatively low precipitation. The natural environment contrasts sharply with the highly landscaped developments, which support lush vegetation and abundant animal life. As a result, coyotes and other animals are drawn to these developments, and their populations rapidly increase in response to the abundance of food and water. Property invasion and pet attacks are an inevitable consequence of urbanization.

We sell them but unfortunately cannot perform nationwide installation. We offer several videos that can assist you or a handyman of your choice with this. Additionally, we offer an installation guide. Rollers are easy to install, but it must be done properly in order for them to work correctly. We do recommend professional installation for Stone/Mason/Concrete walls.

All products are proudly made in the U.S.A!

None of the hardware (screws, nuts, bolts) for brackets are powder coated, some touch up following installation may be wanted. Additionally, the bands for chain link brackets are not powder coated to allow for the stretching needed during installation.

Yes, Please see our Return/Exchange Policy

Rollers Direct (an authorized dealer of Roll Guard, Inc.) offers a product warranty against manufacturing defects. Rollers Direct guarantees that the product will work as designed, that is, the product will mount securely on a fence (when installed correctly) and will spin freely. We cannot guarantee that our product will prevent animals from entering or leaving an area. Roll Guard, Inc manufactures products that are designed to make it difficult for animals to climb over fences which, in most cases, will prevent them from gaining entrance. However, several outside factors outside of the control of Rollers Direct may allow an animal to enter or exit an area such as large objects near a fence, fence cross beams, etc which would aid an animal in climbing over a fence. Customers installing on chain link fence are advised to install additional protection on the fence that would prevent an animal from climbing the fence.
Click here to read full warranty.

We make NO claim that an installation of Rollers will prevent humans from gaining entry/exit to any enclosure. Purchases for these reasons will be at buyers own risk and liability.

Most plain aluminum orders ship within 5-7 business days. Stock Powder Coated product may take up to 10 business days to ship and Special color orders may take up to 15 business days to ship. We do our best to keep products in stock, but there are times when we run short and need to get more product in the warehouse.

We're sorry, but we don't ship to international destinations directly. Customers outside of the U.S. (including U.S. territories) who wish to purchase merchandise will need to partner with a consolidated international shipping company. TW&D LLC is not responsible for any damages or loss of merchandise upon safe delivery of the package(s) to the consolidated international shipping company of your choosing. Any questions pertaining to package or merchandise issues should be reported to the consolidated international shipping company of your choosing.

No problem! We're happy to provide you quote for your upcoming project. Please email us the specs for your job and we'll contact you with any followup questions, as needed. Please allow 24hr turn-around for your quote to be emailed back to you.