1. In this Warranty:

a) “Acceptance Date” means the earlier of the date on which packaging containing the Product is opened and the date of acquisition by the Customer.
b) ‘Customer’ means a consumer as defined under United States Consumer Law;
c) ‘Coyote Roller’ is a registered trademark
d) ‘Product’ means components of the Coyote Roller system manufactured by or for Roll Guard, comprising the Roller, Brackets and End Caps attached to the fence, but excluding third party products;
e) Colorado Coyote Rollers (a dba of TW&D LLC) is a licensed, authorized Dealer of Roll Guard, Inc;
f) ‘Purchase Date’ means the date on which the Product was acquired from Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor;
g) ‘Warranty’ means warranty against manufacturing defects; and
h) ‘Warranty Period’ means the period commencing 3 years after the Acceptance Date

2. Roll Guard, Inc warrants that the Product will be free of manufacturing faults for the Warranty Period.

3. To make a claim under this Warranty, the Customer must return the Product and the original receipt for the purchase of the Warranty in relation to the Product. The claim must be made within the Warranty Period and must be confirmed to Roll Guard, Inc in writing.

4. The Warranty is only valid so long as the Customer uses, operates and maintains the Product properly and in accordance with this Agreement any damage is not caused by physical damage of any nature.

5. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; is not required to repair or replace the Product and will have no other liability in respect of the Product in any of the following circumstances:

a) any fault, accident, abuse, misuse, damage or deterioration caused by use, storage, transportation or maintenance of the Product or parts of the Product after the Product has been purchased, which is not in accordance with the instructions, recommendations, requirements or directions of Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor;
b) the Product has been interfered with by anyone other than Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor;
c) the fault, damage or deterioration is caused by a failure to conduct normal maintenance of the Product;
d) the Product is sold, leased, licensed or used for commercial purposes at any time.

6. The Warranty does not cover:

a) general environmental wear and tear;
b) the cost of removal of the Product;
c) the cost of re-installation;
d) the cost of delivery;
e) third party products;
f) powder coating (slight variance in color between Rollers and Brackets of the same color are considered normal and are not a fault);
g) damage to a fence or other structure caused by installation or removal of the Product;
h) injury to any dog, cat, human or other animal regardless of when that injury occurs and whether the dog, cat, human or other animal is inside or outside the containment area.

7. The customer acknowledges that the Product is designed to prevent certain animals from gaining a foothold on the top of a fence. The Customer further acknowledges that every fence or wall setup is unique and different; the enclosure may be surrounded by physical elements other than a fence; there are numerous ways for an animal to gain access over a fence or wall; and every animal has different abilities. Accordingly, Coyote Roller does not make any warranty or representation of any kind with respect to the Product including, but not limited to any warranties for fitness for purpose. Specifically Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; does not warrant that the Product will keep the Customer’s animals from harm and/or contained within the Customer’s containment area nor will the Product prevent other animals from entering into the Customer’s cat containment enclosure.  It is also required that the fence be a minimum of 6 feet in height for maximum effectiveness.  

8. If any condition or warranty is implied in this Agreement, the liability of Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; for breach of the condition shall be limited to any one or more of the following:

a) If Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer  or distributor; breach relates to goods at Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; option:
i) The replacement of the goods; or
ii) The repair of the goods; or
iii) The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.
b) If the breach relates to services at Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer  or distributor; option:
i) The supplying of the services again; or
ii) The payment of having the cost of the services supplied again.

9. If Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; chooses to replace the Product under this warranty, Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; will cover the costs of shipping the replacement product to the Customer. The cost of delivery of defective goods to Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor will be the responsibility by the Customer.

10. Roll Guard, Inc or its dealer or distributor; shall not be liable in any circumstances for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the Product by any person nor for economic loss or special or consequential damages arising for any reason.

TW&D LLC  (an authorized dealer of Roll Guard, Inc.) make NO claim that an installation of Rollers will prevent humans from gaining entry/exit to/from any enclosure. Purchases for these reasons will be at buyers own risk and liability.

11. Other than as expressly set out in this Warranty and to the fullest extent permitted by law any condition, right, remedy, representation, warranty, condition or undertaking that would be implied in this product warranty by legislation, common law, equity, trade, custom or usage is excluded, restricted or modified by this Warranty.

For further information or to make a claim, contact:

Roll Guard Inc
932 N 98th St, Mesa AZ 85207